Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Support System.

I got to school a bit early, and a group of my classmates were hanging out waiting for class to start.  We shared a few laughs and then headed into the classroom.  As we received our syllabi and read through the course requirements, I couldn't help but be a bit daunted by what I read.  But as we left the class together, again, laughing, I realized what an incredible class I am a part of.  With just a few days in, it feels like we are already a pretty tight group.  As the year gets tougher, I already know we've got each others' backs.  It's a heartening feeling.

As support/friend groups go, it seems there are some key players:

-The Butt-Kicker:  This person tells it to ya straight, no matter how much it's gonna hurt.  They bring you back to reality.

-The Cheerleader:  pretty straight forward...This person always has an encouraging word or two

-The Human  This is your go-to person for any knowledge/information/advice

-The Spontaneous Fun-Maker:  This person is up for ANYTHING and does EVERYTHING, a little bit crazy, but always a good time!

-The Comic:  I do not know anyone who doesn't like laughing.  Comic=indispensable 

-The Guilty Pleasure Sharer:  How much fun would watching reality shows & eating peanut butter covered oreos be without this person in your life?

I'm sure as you are reading this, you've already pegged some in your support system. Am I missing any other key players?

One of my favorite pictures of a pretty rad support group,
not current classmates, but these girls know a thing or two about rockin the support system!

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