Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Last night was the season premiere of Parenthood.  I started watching it this summer. My mom had a few recorded, and when there was nothing else going on, I watched them.  I quickly became a fan for 3 reasons:

1) Max, a 10 year old, has aspberger's.  He does an excellent job of portraying autism.  I love how realistic it is from the actual goals & interactions between him & his ABA therapist, to how the rest of the family is coping.

2) The houses in this show are fantastic.  I love how each one is decorated differently.  My favorites are Craig T. Nelson's house and Dax's houseboat.  Nelson's house has a fantastic garden and I just love the kitchen.  I've always wanted to live on a boat, and if I could, I would pick Dax's -  lots of bright colors.

3) The show is set in the Bay Area. Enough said.

Sadly, I could not find any pictures


  1. I love it for the exact same reasons!!
    This just another reason why we are best friends. hehe

  2. You told me I would like it... I still need to check it out. I am looking for a good show.