Thursday, September 16, 2010

The San Francisco Giants.

I am not entirely sure how to put into words what baseball is to me.  I love to play it, I love to watch it, I love to read about it, and I love to study it.  When times are good, my heart soars.  When times are bad, don't even mention it.  I feel the exhilaration of a much-needed win and the depression of an untimely loss.  

Right now - I am more than excited about the sport, and especially my favorite team, the San Francisco Giants.  As the season is winding down, they are neck & neck with the Padres for first place, as well as the Braves for the Wild Card.  The Giants are on fire and I can only hope that they make it to the first round of play-offs.

my fellow lover of all things giants

P.S. Buster, if you are reading this and wondering, the answer is Yes, Yes I would love to go out with you!

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  1. I love this post for so many reason.
    Especially the Buster part.
    You get me.