Friday, September 3, 2010

Because I'm broke as a joke...

I have been brainstorming things I can do for cheap fun for the next few months and here are 15 very cheap ideas:

- Game nights
- Sunday morning pancakes
- Play in a park (when it finally cools below 100+ degrees!)
-Movie nights  (Netflix is rather inexpensive)
-Farmer's Market/Street Fair perusing
-New classes at the gym
-Peruse Barnes & Noble
-Potluck meals with friends
-Beach  (if only it wasn't so far away...)
-Take pictures
-Call a friend
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What do you do for cheap fun?


  1. I love to poke around different parts of town - especially Chinatown, or the Mexican neighborhoods! Different foods, different items in the shops - it's like a bit of travel without the expense!

  2. I love to go downtown when there is live music. Ice cream is cheap, so I have my ice cream, a book, and the tunes of the street. Perfect.

  3. I love to go on photo adventures with my husband or with friends. I'm still learning the settings on my camera, but it's SOOO much fun.