Saturday, September 11, 2010

A bit of a rant and maybe some rambling...

I called Wil yesterday to find out when we could meet again.  During the quick conversation, he told me he had a funeral to attend on Sunday.  It wasn't his words or his language, but the pathos in his voice that alerted me to it being a sad one.  His voice was solemn and matter of fact, yet filled with love.

After the phone call, I pondered how our culture is an "extreme" culture...That sandwich was the best, most delicious sandwich I've ever had in my life; That was the worst experience of my life;  It was the prettiest, most luxurious rug ever, this cup of coffee is amazing (it seems everyone says amazing for EVERYTHING, it's a pet peeve of mine).

Those simple sentences are filled with so much drama!  It seems we are always at competition with one another for having the best or worst - everything is described in extremes.  I'm guilty of it too.

Maybe the key is love.  Maybe if my interactions with others came from a place of love, I wouldn't feel the need to compete.  Others would understand from the love and genuineness in my voice.


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