Monday, September 27, 2010

Great First Day of Grad School!

Ok, maybe it wasn't a true first day, but still... I think this year is going to be a blast!

Our first class was canceled because of the school-wide "Welcome Back Bash"/Orientation Day...I was not complaining!

After the "Bash", a couple of my classmates & I headed over to a local coffee shop with free Swing dancing on Monday nights.  I had never been before and had a blast!  We decided after class on Mondays, we are going to come.

I'm a bit nervous, I've got orientation for clinic at a rehab hospital tomorrow.  I've never worked with adults before.  To be honest, the whole setting is completely intimidating to me.  This clinic is the one I'm the least confident/don't feel prepared for, but I'm glad I've got it first quarter - I'm going to jump right in without checking the water!  I'm also kind of excited because it is something completely new for me ~ who knows ~ I could love it!

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