Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Busy Day!

I am jumping out of my skin with anticipation of the next few days.

Thursday: Class, taking a friend to our favorite market for coffee for her birthday, Clinic, Then off to Adventure #1.  I am kidnapping another friend to go see two of our favorite bands - State Radio & John Butler Trio.  She has no idea & it is going to be one hell of a show!  I am so ready to get my hippie on.

Friday: Class, then Adventure #2:  I am heading up with mom to San Francisco for little brother's birthday. He is going to school in Napa Valley, and we are going to hang out in my favorite city by the bay for the weekend.  Can't wait to enjoy some quality fam time, good food & city sights!  Too bad my favorite boys will be in my town this weekend instead of theirs!

Which means, that being the end of the quarter, I have an awful lot to accomplish today!  Have a lovely weekend!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What are you famous for?

Savannah is on the right

Today I was talking to one of my best friends, aka former student at Mount Ellis.  She was telling me about how upset she was with the annual awards brunch, even though she was among the few to get awarded.  As she sat there, she thought about how meaningless the awards really were - no one in 10 years is going to remember who won academic achievement or MVP of the soccer team.  But what bothered her most, is she didn't want to be remembered or acknowledged for these things, and she thought, maybe nobody else does either.

So in her Savannah way, she is creating awards for every single person in the school (there are about 100 kids).  As she was going through her list, some are funny, and some are serious.  Savannah has always inspired me, she is way wise beyond her years.  It got me thinking, maybe I should start acknowledging people on a daily basis, either thanking them, or telling them how much appreciate them.

Also, if I got an award, what would I want it for?

What would you want it for?

Monday, May 17, 2010


I had an incredible weekend.  Saturday night, I sat at the feet of the most brilliant people I have ever met and listened - My Aunt Loree and Dr. Wil.

My Aunt Loree jetted home for a quick trip.  She is changing the world.  Literally.  She is a general in the army and has created a program/organization that is focused on treating Traumatic Brain Injury and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for the soldiers returning home.  In three years she has begun to change the military's culture of dealing with mental health and has removed some of the stigma of mental health issues.  It is incredible.  I don't think the change is going to stop there.  I believe her work will impact the culture of America as well.  Glenn Close & Ron Howard have jumped aboard, and invited her to be a part of a PSA that will be airing soon about mental health & stigma.  Incredible.

Dr. Wil is a close family friend and a remarkable man.  Every time I am near him, I feel I am a better person for it.  He is 88 and is such a progressive thinker and so loving.  The two of them bantered and discussed, and it was thoroughly stimulating.  It had been awhile since I had been a part of something so mentally stimulating, I was so energized.  On the way home, I was wishing I could be stretched like that more often.

Sunday evening, my mom stopped by Loree's quickly to give her a book.  As they were recapping the evening, Loree had a brilliant idea that someone should record all of Wil's stories and insights.  And, she thinks that person should be me!  I couldn't be more thrilled!  I am so excited and honored to spend time with Dr. Wil.  I know my life will be forever changed.  I can't wait to share with you the tidbits I learn from him.  I think we are going to start the project this summer.  I'll have more details as the week goes on!

Here are some pictures from Saturday night & the PSA

I still can't figure out how to embed a video, so here is the link: PSA

Sunday, May 16, 2010

23 Things In My 23rd Year

I have been so inspired by all of these bucket lists I have been seeing lately and tired of my own talk and no action.  So, I created a list of my own to enjoy a few weeks ago and have been meaning to post since.  Without further ado, here it is in no particular order:

-California coast road trip

-Take a cooking class

-Take a trip on a train...even if it is just to San Juan Capistrano

-Take a real yoga class  (I love love LOVE the vinyasa class at 24, but it's not your typical "yoga")

-Watch a sunrise in it's entirety )

-Watch a sunset in it's entirety

-Go to a literature reading (an author reading an excerpt, a poetry night, anything similar)

-Go on a trip, by myself.  Not to visit friends.

-Send a message in a bottle

-Sleep under the stars

-Go fruit picking (Can you believe I have never done this before?!?)

-Make a 4 course meal, and serve it at a fancy schmancy dinner party for friends

-Create my own cookbook, just a compilation of favorite recipes & pictures of the year

-Genuinely pray with someone

-Find myself an old-fashioned pen pal

-Play in the sprinklers

-Play a gigantic game of tag

-Visit a friend

-Build a bike

-Travel to an entirely new place

-Make a new friend from a different generation

- Learn to knit & make a blanket for some sort of shelter

Will be trying to post fairly regularly now.  AND I received a camera for my birthday, so there will be pictures from now on too!