Sunday, May 16, 2010

23 Things In My 23rd Year

I have been so inspired by all of these bucket lists I have been seeing lately and tired of my own talk and no action.  So, I created a list of my own to enjoy a few weeks ago and have been meaning to post since.  Without further ado, here it is in no particular order:

-California coast road trip

-Take a cooking class

-Take a trip on a train...even if it is just to San Juan Capistrano

-Take a real yoga class  (I love love LOVE the vinyasa class at 24, but it's not your typical "yoga")

-Watch a sunrise in it's entirety )

-Watch a sunset in it's entirety

-Go to a literature reading (an author reading an excerpt, a poetry night, anything similar)

-Go on a trip, by myself.  Not to visit friends.

-Send a message in a bottle

-Sleep under the stars

-Go fruit picking (Can you believe I have never done this before?!?)

-Make a 4 course meal, and serve it at a fancy schmancy dinner party for friends

-Create my own cookbook, just a compilation of favorite recipes & pictures of the year

-Genuinely pray with someone

-Find myself an old-fashioned pen pal

-Play in the sprinklers

-Play a gigantic game of tag

-Visit a friend

-Build a bike

-Travel to an entirely new place

-Make a new friend from a different generation

- Learn to knit & make a blanket for some sort of shelter

Will be trying to post fairly regularly now.  AND I received a camera for my birthday, so there will be pictures from now on too!

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