Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What are you famous for?

Savannah is on the right

Today I was talking to one of my best friends, aka former student at Mount Ellis.  She was telling me about how upset she was with the annual awards brunch, even though she was among the few to get awarded.  As she sat there, she thought about how meaningless the awards really were - no one in 10 years is going to remember who won academic achievement or MVP of the soccer team.  But what bothered her most, is she didn't want to be remembered or acknowledged for these things, and she thought, maybe nobody else does either.

So in her Savannah way, she is creating awards for every single person in the school (there are about 100 kids).  As she was going through her list, some are funny, and some are serious.  Savannah has always inspired me, she is way wise beyond her years.  It got me thinking, maybe I should start acknowledging people on a daily basis, either thanking them, or telling them how much appreciate them.

Also, if I got an award, what would I want it for?

What would you want it for?

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