Wednesday, January 12, 2011

One of these things first.

Catching up on my blogs this weekend, I read a post about how everyone blogs about the same thing and yet we think we are so original with our new ideas.  Reading this, I realized that I don't have an "edge" that makes my blog stand out - I'm just an average, single, 23-year-old student and her whimsy.

I may not stand out, but I think my blog is important in it's own little way.  Hear me out.

Negativity infuses itself in everything from our everyday pleasantries to what we read in the papers or see on TV.  We all know there is so much bad, but sometimes, it's hard to see the good, the positive. This blog is my happiness project; my documentation of what is good and positive.  Or, how I strive to see the light.  If nothing else, I'm creating and sending positive vibes which is always better than the alternative!

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