Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fan Mail

My dad used to write fan mail ALL the time.  Not only was he a gifted writer, but he felt it was important to let someone know if you appreciated them.  Thus, fan letters to sports broadcasters, novelists, baseball players, you name it.  Occasionally, he would get replies.

Tonight, I wrote my first "fan letter".  As stated before, I am a pretty big fan of Tristan Prettyman.  And as I was reading one of her blog posts this evening, I thought about how much she would enjoy "I Am" I wrote her an email telling her she should see it, as well as thanking her for her years of "support" in my life ;)

Who knows, it may end up in an inbox with a bazillion other fan emails...OR...We could become best friends forever and ever.... spent on the positive ;)

1 comment:

  1. k i love this idea! the last time i wrote a fan letter was probably when i was 6 and had a huge crush on the red power ranger...haha, so i wrote him a letter. anyway - what a great thought! and who doesn't love letters?