Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 5

They say it takes 30 days to form a habit and I'm really hoping that's what happens with my "New Years Resolutions".  But I'm realizing how ambitious I truly was to try to let go of the negative and let the light in...(sorry, yogi speak).

Although I have yet to think & speak positively all day, I am becoming much more conscious of my thoughts and words, and how they affect others.

I "failed miserably"* today at work.  We have monthly meetings where some people talk for a very long time on subjects I'm not interested in and at times, I can lose my "positive vibes".  Today was such a day...I normally don't notice my thoughts and actions, but this morning was different.  I realized that my body language was matching my thoughts - Not Good!!  To pull myself out of it, which was REALLY hard, (sometimes it just is too easy to be negative), I started thinking of all the reasons I was thankful for my job and people in the room.  Pretty soon, I found myself laughing and enjoying the rest of the meeting.

I thought this shirt was appropo for today!

*I firmly believe the only way one can fail in their resolutions is by not trying.  Changing behavior is difficult, and we can only take one moment at a time...

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