Thursday, January 6, 2011

Because T-Pretty Said To!

Yesterday I had a conversation about thinking really highly of oneself without coming across haughty or arrogant...And today - that was just what Tristan Prettyman's post was about!

Tristan Prettyman is one way cool lady.  I discovered her music several years ago and have had the chance to see her live a few times.  I have a feeling that if I wrote music, it would sound a lot like hers.  Her lyrics are soooo relatable!  Anyways, the reason why this lady is oh so cool is she is all about positive vibes and walks her talk.  She has been a role model of mine for quite sometime, so when she asks me to do something, of course my answer is yes!  Her challenge is to post why it is so friggin awesome to be me!

It is so friggin awesome to be me because I am so in love with this life that I get to live.  In this moment, I am totally and completely in love with the notion of new experiences and new discoveries whether it be in interactions, nature, music, people, adventures....etc....

So it's your turn - Tell me Why it is so friggin awesome to be you!

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