Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Rumi once wrote, "Even in grief there is celebration."

I full heartedly agree.

Earlier today I heard a song that immediately took me back to what have been the hardest days of my life.  In that instant, the emotion started to well up in me.  A tear slowly rolled down my face...and met a smile.  It's almost impossible to look back on those days and not see the love.

As the song played on, I thought about that crazy painful it was, how confusing emotions are, how sometimes it is still hard and I still miss him.  But I also thought about how thankful I am for everyone who was with me at that time to let me scream, let me be silent, make me laugh, hug me, and most importantly, love me.  And for those who are still dancing with me!

Even in grief there is celebration.

a friend used to take my hands into his and sing these lyrics to me, which would inevitably bring a smile to my face :)

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