Monday, February 7, 2011


Before yesterday, it was an awfully long time since I've cooked or baked ANYTHING...And last week, I realized that needed to change.  So I'm challenging myself to have fun cooking or baking at least once a week.  

I added the "have fun" part, because recently when it's been my turn to make dinner, I tend to make staples and although it gets the job done, it's not really enjoyable for anyone...

So far, I'm off to a great start.  Yesterday, I made taco soup for my superbowl shindig.

And tonight,I grilled chicken with a soy ginger marinade & I sauteed green beans with shallots, ginger, & garlic...And just now I realized I should have taken pictures of the pretty green beans! (I blanched them before)

cuter chef than i!

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  1. you should consider posting the recipes online because i am wanting to branch out and cook too except i have zero motivation...haha. i have a feeling you can help me!