Thursday, February 10, 2011

Living the Dream

 I had run into a friend who was lamenting about getting over bronchitis, lots of work to do, and his wife being gone.  When another friend had greeted us, with a "Hey, how's it going?", He replied, "Oh, just living the dream! How are you?" Later, on my drive home, I was thinking about how my friend really isn't living his dream.  

Yes, there are going to be days when life is not a dream, but I think it can be a majority of the time.  I'm not anything near a sage, but I believe this life is ours for the taking.  

For the first time, I am excited about growing up.  Don't get me wrong - I am completely enjoying my life in school.  But I'm excited about all the possibilities.  I could go ANYWHERE!  It's completely exhilarating to realize that in a little over a year, I am on my way to doing whatever I want.  

So I'm dreaming.  I'm dreaming lots and lots so that one day I will Live the Dream!

from the inspiring Sarah Von Bargen

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