Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lots of people=Me

This past week I was challenged to take 15 minutes to write down as many people as I could think of that have personally made me who I am today.  I broke it up into 3 specific areas.

So without further ado, Here is the list: (In no particular order)
People Who Have Taught Me:
-Wil Alexander, Jennifer St. Clair, Paige Shaughnessy, Jean Lowry, Roseanne Stacey, Dr. Ward, Karen McCulloch, Jim McCulloch, Karen Mainess, Susan Whitley, Brad Martin, Jackie Bishop, Rob Mohr, Tim Gillespie, Doug Mace, Randy Roberts, Bernard Taylor, Tyler McCulloch, Grayson Brody-Goodrich, Angelo Alvarico, Jose Medrano, Victoria Ico, Savannah Weaver, Darren Wilkins, Tiffany Dos Santos, Eliki Ravia...

People Who Have Challenged Me:
Wil Alexander, Karen McCulloch, Tim Gillespie, Michelle Adams, Paige Shaughnessy, Pam Dietrich, Craig Hadley, Dr. Ward, Nicole Palacio-Bhojwani, Carli Ashlock, Katelyn Cortes, Eric Jett, Bethany Rubino, Enrique Rodriguez, Katie Nichols, Sergio Romero, Eliki Ravia, Samuel Henderson, Beth Konrath, Mark Pacini, Laura Romero, Jim McCulloch, Jose Medrano, Angelo Alvarico, Tyler McCulloch...

People Who Have Loved Me:
-Karen McCulloch, Jim McCulloch, Tyler McCulloch, Mary-Louise Savage, Lin Flores, Danny Flores, Mackinsie Flores, Hayden Flores, Becca Headley, Jim Headley, Tommy Headley, Tim Headley, Darla Johnson, Carli Ashlock, Michelle Adams, Nicole Palacio-Bhojwani, Jenn Han, Jason Han, Wesley Arnold, Parker Arnold, Bill Arnold, Pam Arnold, Eric Jett, Tiffany Dos Santos, Savannah Weaver, Grant Benson, Wendy Lane, Gina Vogel, Kaytie Knight, Ruthie Reyes, Roseanne Stacey, Dawn Ferrarini, Pete Ferrarini, Sandra Alvarado, Leslie Scofield, Ashley Reynolds, Monika Bliss, Merrilee Scofield, Ken Scofield, Ridley Sendow...

If your name is on this list, I thank you!  If your name should be on this list, I thank you!

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