Thursday, February 3, 2011


I love that feeling of joy deep in my heart.  The feeling that it will burst, but instead it overflows up to my mouth, turning the corners up, and continues to my eyes, shining out.  I don't know of anything that feels more satisfying.

Heartmath recently did a study on segments of DNA & joy.  A person's DNA stretches when they think of things that make them happy.  When the DNA is stretched, it strengthens the immune system.  The study continued by taking the DNA out of the body to see if it would still stretch while the person was thinking pleasing thoughts.  The DNA stretched. The study went on to experiment with varying distances from the body, and still, the DNA stretched.  I find this incredibly fascinating, but the point I wanted to make was - not only does Joy feel good, but it does wonder's for the immune system too.  It's also a strong, positive force that has yet to be fully understood.

The Buddhists seemed to understand it's benefits better than anyone else.  Some practice a loving, kindness meditation with a smile on their face to cultivate joy from the outside, in.

This week I've cultivated joy by an impromptu picnic, having & enjoying my afternoon tea, meeting with friends for lunch, an invigorating run, playing with my dog, and enjoying my sunny afternoon drives.

How have you cultivated joy this past week?  If you haven't, challenge yourself to enjoy your weekend! It's good for you!

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  1. Needed this! Instead of thinking, "Studying sucks so much right now." I can be more positive and say, "I'm lucky to be learning all this, lucky to be able to do this for 10 hours straight without interruption." Learning = Joy. Love you so much Caiti!