Monday, March 21, 2011

The Vegan Diaries

For the past few months, without even realizing it, my diet has become more & more "vegan".  About 3 weeks ago, I started consciously thinking about making the switch.  Everywhere I turned for information only affirmed my decision.  I'm not a "crazy PETA person", but the more I read about farming, not only did it make me sad, but also sickened me that, that was what I was putting into my body.  Dairy/Meat farming is NOT a sustainable way of living...According to Bittman (read on), the meat industry emits more greenhouse gases per year than transportation!

I was a little apprehensive about getting proper nutrition, and being a newbie, I emailed my favorite blogger, Sarah Von, from Yes and Yes!, for help.  (She does this awesome monthly hook-up, where you can ask for help and her awesome readers respond)  And I was inspired by all the information and resources they sent me.

Another blog, Yum & Yuk, is always posting tidbits from Mark Bittman about food.  And lucky for me, as I was perusing the bookshelves at the library yesterday, I came across his book, Food Matters.  I quickly devoured it (pun definitely intended). I also recommend it to anyone & everyone who is health conscious in the least...actually even if they aren't (Everyone READ it!).  He doesn't advocate for veganism, but a diet with less meat, dairy products, & processed foods, a completely realistic view of food for everyone.  Pick it up! It will be good for you!

So needless to say, I'm vegan...*for the most part.  I've cut out dairy & meat products for about the past 2 weeks, and I can't even begin to tell you how good I feel.  I have tons of energy and my face is even clearer!  I'm having a blast preparing new recipes and getting creative in the kitchen.  So be ready for more "Vegan Diaries".  I will be posting my favorite recipes & creations!  Also, if any of you have any tips or recipes to share, I will GLADLY accept them!

*What I mean by "for the most part" is that 90% or more of my meals are going to be solely made up of plants.  This leaves 2 meals a week that I can "relax" a bit, for which I will save for eating out.  When eating out, it's impossible to control what I'm putting into my body.  Even if I think I'm ordering vegan, I won't really truly know. I won't always take these 2 "free passes", but this way I won't feel like I'm "cheating" either.

P.S. I should also give a shoutout to Cafe Gratitude.  I sealed the deal after eating their insanely delicious  "I Am Adored".  Vegan food CAN be delicious!

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