Saturday, March 12, 2011

It's All Happening

The past few weeks have been truly surreal.  If anyone has read The Alchemist, that's truly how I am feeling these days...The universe seems to be working in my favor in unexpected ways.  How it all will come together, I'm not entirely sure, but this has been such a great ride so far.

About 2 months ago, I received a scholarship to go to the Trauma Resiliency Model training which happened 2 weeks ago.  When I accepted the scholarship, I was unaware that the training was mainly for practicing clinicians in the realm of psychology.  (Which I am NOT) But the weekend proved to be exceptional, and I believe that in a few years, I will consider it life-altering.  The model is so beautiful in that even a nonclinician (such as myself) can learn it, teach it to others, and carry it out.  It's based on the physiology of our nervous systems.  During every day life, we experience sympathetic charges & parasympathetic "depressions" which occur within a resilient zone...It's like the ebb and flow of life - we go up and we go down within that resilient zone and we are able to function.  But when trauma happens, our nervous systems can get stuck on that sympathetic charge or parasympathetic depression which causes our nervous systems to leave that resilient zone.  Which is why we see those symptoms of PTSD.  The symptoms really are our natural ways of responding to the trauma.  So, in order to "fix the problem", the nervous system needs to be reset.  The model teaches how to reset it (actually concrete tools)...truly fascinating work.  It was very neat to be a part of and to learn.

To be continued...

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