Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I am finished with Winter Quarter 2011!! They say this is/was the toughest quarter in my program and now I'm on the other side! Aaaaaaaalright!

I'm also super proud of myself today because I did something new and completely intimidating.  I'm constantly raving about yoga, but I have actually never been to a "real" class.  (I watch/do live streaming classes from yogisanonymous.com) Lately, I've realized I need/want to take my practice to the next level, and to do that, I'm going to need a live teacher.  I've been meaning to check out a studio in my area, but I needed that extra motivation.  On Saturday I decided this was the week and tonight was the night!

Not only was the studio new, but so was the class for me - yin yoga, a slow, deep stretch.  I learned tonight that I practice a lot of yang yoga, and in order to go deeper within my practice I need yin too.  How perfect! The whole reason I wanted to check out the studio in the first place and this just happened to be the class that fit easiest into my schedule!

I enjoyed the class, very playful.  I felt super good on my mat!  The space was also inviting and inspiring.  They have a lobby area downstairs with quotes painted on the walls and the studio upstairs is painted with calming, neutral colors & has neat light fixtures.

So I guess from now on, on Tuesday nights, you know where to find me!  I'm going back to the studio on Friday for a vinyasa class, and I'm looking to sign up for monthly unlimited, so excited!

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