Sunday, October 18, 2009

the plunge.

Despite being a little overwhelmed, I had a great week.  I LOVE fieldwork.  I know that I am definitely going into the right profession.  I was so excited driving out there this week.  I also had a few breaks during the week - Hayden's game & Starbucks with Michelle & Ken too!

After a stressful Friday morning that dragged into the afternoon, I had a blast at Friday Night Dinner.  I can't remember laughing that much in a long time.  

Saturday night I was reminded that staying "in" can be just as much fun as going out.  I went over to my friend Carli's to watch the end of the Yankees/Angels game with her & Nicole.  BOO YAH ANGELS!   It was nice to catch my breath in the craziness of this weekend with them.

Friday night during The Anchoring, one of my girls told me about some challenge thing they do at her school.  Every day during announcements, they present a challenge for the kids to carry out if they wish.  The challenges promotes peace on campus.  She was really excited about it and told me how she writes them in her notebook and tries to carry them out each day. I also knows that she writes down what we talk about in The Anchoring and tries to apply it to her life.  I have seen very few people earnestly try to live out their faith.  

She has inspired me to do the same.  For the next month and a half I have written out challenges for each day to carry out.  Some are silly, some are for stress relief, but most are to show kindness to those around me and to help me value this great life I live.  Each night I will try to write about my challenge for that day.  

I am really excited to see how it all unfolds and what comes of it.  So, tomorrow, I take the plunge.

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