Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Today's challenge was to buy the customer behind me's coffee.  It was kind of fun.  I probably wouldn't have stopped for something today, but since it was my challenge, I had to ;)  I just got a glass of iced green tea, and bought the woman in the drive thru's drinks behind me.  I also bought a pack of Starbucks Via to send to the troops.  When I had asked to pay for the drinks behind me, it shocked the barista.  She asked, "Wow, Can I ask why?"  I just replied that I was having a great day and wanted to pass it along.  Which is true.  I absolutely LOVE fieldwork.  When I walked into the SDC room this morning, Carson gave me the biggest hug.  It pretty much made my week.  I also am falling more in love with each of the kids.  This is going to be the perfect job for me! I am running my first group tomorrow!


  1. cait! you are so great. way to pay it forward. i'm sure you made the person behind you smile realllllll big! glad you're loving fieldwork. love you!

  2. i love what you are doing here. keep it up. thinking and praying for you. xoxo