Friday, October 15, 2010

God works in INCREDIBLE ways!

Ok - this is bound to be a long post, but here it goes!

I previously mentioned that I met up with my YWAM friends at the youth ministries convention in San Diego a few weeks ago...what I didn't mention is that they invited me to go on an incredible mission trip to Mumbai, India!

YWAM (Youth With A Mission) is a world-wide organization that serves the community in which each base is located as well as teaching people through their discipleship training schools (5 month long courses/outreach opportunities) and mission adventures (1 week long programs of learning evangelism/witnessing & outreach opportunities).  The Las Vegas base is starting a new discipleship training school focused on human trafficking.  At the end of it, they are taking 2 outreach trips to Thailand and to India.  They have invited me to come along to the one in Mumbai!  We are going to be working with victims of human trafficking, running a "vacation bible school" program, and teaching in schools & churches...It's going to be nothing short of life-changing.

Saturday afternoon during the youth convention, they invited me to come, but it's May 20-June 4.  The 2 weeks prior to Finals.  Normally, my practical self would have said, "Thanks, but no thanks." But not this time.  The idea was still toying in the back of my head.  I was trying to answer the question - why are we in each other's lives? Why have they made such an impact in mine when I've barely spent any time with them?  Saturday night I prayed about it, Sunday morning I prayed about it.  And when we went out for dessert, I told them I was going.  (Bold!)

I came home and emailed my advisor & head of the graduate program at my university asking for a meeting to talk to her about how feasible the trip would be.  We met a few days later and she didn't say no! She was going to present my case to the rest of the faculty at fac. meeting next week and they would either sanction the trip or not.

This past week I've wavered between being scared out of my mind to leaping out of my skin with excitement.  I've prayed that God would either open doors or close doors and that He would put me where He wants me.  I specifically asked God to let this faculty meeting be my "fleece" - If they said "yes" - green light, "no" meant it wasn't meant to be.


I got an email this morning telling me they have approved my trip!! They are going to let me go!!

So now, comes the true leap of faith.

As posted earlier, nothing has changed in my financial status.  But I truly feel that God is telling me to walk by faith, that He is going to take care of this for me, that I need not worry.

Just because I'm not worrying doesn't mean money is going to suddenly grow on trees, but I'm currently trying to come up with ways of fundraising.

So far - I've got a garage sale, odd jobs, and recycling.  I might make greeting cards & thank you cards too.  I'll make a few this weekend & post them next week.  I could also make my tea pots (super cheap & quick to make!)

Anyways - I'm bursting at the seems with excitement and had to share!  Have a fun weekend & GO GIANTS!! (National League Championship Series starts tomorrow afternoon!)

Hope to meet little ones like her!


  1. I'm totally willing donate to this cause!!!!! I'm so excited for you=]