Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I'm really glad I lived today.

Almost two weeks ago I had a great conversation with a fantastic friend.  As we were talking, we realized we didn't want to settle for ordinary lives and that we wanted to live the most out of each day...or at the very least, appreciate each day.  During the course of the conversation, I said, "How great would it be if at the end of every day, I said, 'Man, I'm really glad I lived today."  And so now, in an effort to keep myself accountable, I'm going to chronicle the moments of each day that make me stop and say, "I'm really glad I lived today."

This evening we went over to our dear friends, the Johnsons, for Darla's birthday.  Whenever we get together with them, we laugh and laugh until our bellies ache and tears are streaming down our faces.  I'm really glad I lived today to spend last evening with them!

(Sorry...internet is not letting me upload photos...maybe tomorrow night!)

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