Friday, August 20, 2010

Beach Fridays.

Today was another excellent day.  Late this afternoon, some friends and I decided to head down to the beach for a bit to just smell the ocean air, feel the salt breeze, and warm sand. I was able to get in a long walk on the shore which is exactly what I needed today.  I really wanted some time to think and ponder over the conversation Wil and I had yesterday as well as think about the film I watched last night.  By the time I got back, they were ready for dinner, so we headed into town for pizza and then drove home.  I decided I'm going to try and do this as many Fridays as possible.

Also, I joined another online community this morning which I am pretty excited about.  Yesterday, Chelsea  from Love, Chelsea Lauren posted on her blog a neat little opportunity to love on someone who is going through some tough stuff, just by leaving her a "love bomb" via blog comment.   So, of course, I went ahead and dropped a love bomb, and looked a little further into it. Drop A Love Bomb is part of a greater community called ItStartsWith.Us which sends out "15 minute missions" to its community members to just love on others - Talk about a powerful social network!!  Missions are anywhere from writing to children in the hospital to Love bombs...

This couldn't have come at a perfect time.  During our conversation, Wil asked how I felt about the future, and I answered that I had trepidations, but he thinks that our generation has much hope because we are thinking independently, we are listening to each other, as well as talking to one another, and that we believe we can truly change the world, and he thinks we can too...and this is where it starts...with us.

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