Thursday, July 19, 2012


Most mornings I write.  This morning, I read what I had just written and was slightly embarrassed.  I made myself sound like a saint (ok that word is a bit much, but in the moment, I thought "Geez...I'm not that great!)...I began to bury those words deep down inside of me, never to be remembered again, but something inside of me stopped myself, and I re-read them.  I stopped and realized it was ok - everything was true.  I accurately described my struggles, my motivations, & my victories.

I was reminded that it's a good thing that I am my best cheerleader - nobody else knows my struggles quite like I do.  Nobody else knows my dreams quite like I do.  It's important to celebrate victories, no matter how small they are.  It's important for me to celebrate the person I am, the person God is growing.  It is good to enjoy yourself, to be self-assured...

I know for myself, when I appreciate the things I have done, the ways I have grown, I am not looking for outside affirmation.  (Yes, outside affirmation is always appreciated, but not needed)  I am not needing to boast of what I have done, what I have learned, or how I have grown.

I think this is where Whole People come from - this place of mindfulness, self-assurance...knowing one's own faults as well as strengths, and the deep gratitude for life and the exploration of it all..

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