Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Maybe the hippies are on to something...

This summer I have been wrestling with conservatism.  I have a friend that has become more conservative, while I, on the other hand, have become more liberal.  As time has gone on, our friendship has changed.  I found myself on defense, not wanting to share all aspects of my life, of my beliefs, of what God was doing in my life...I found myself hurt, but the hurt played out as anger.  I questioned how people can read the same Bible, and still have such different convictions, how someone could judge so easily.  How God can speak so differently to so many people - are we truly aware to God's voice in our lives?  How can He be so different??

And then...

This last weekend I was fortunate to listen to Seane Corn (Yoga Instructor, Humanitarian, Activist, Lover).  So many things she said struck a chord with me, or...slapped me in the face.  But a good face-slapping is required from time-to-time.  

One of the things that slapped me in the face was this:  She said that the things we don't like in others is most likely a reflection of ourselves.  Ouch.

I started to analyze my friendship with Miss Conservative.  What is it that I don't like?  I don't judge those liberals.  I actually really like them.  But...I don't hold much space or respect for people with conservative views.  I don't hold much space or respect for their truths and their journeys with God...I judge them, and I judge them harshly.  I have a need to be right....I am just as harsh as those right-wingers...ouch. 

Even as I was writing this blog, she called, and I was finding my chest tightening, the need to be right.  I need to remind myself to ignore her story, and see her soul...see her soul, her precious soul that so badly wants to do right and be loved.  And I can do that.  I can love. 

I think that's what this life's practice.  It's a practice in loving God & loving others.  Because, I am gonna mess up.  A LOT.  But that doesn't mean I can give up, I need to keep practicing loving others, loving God.  I am going to have to remind myself over & over again to love, to ignore the story, to see the soul...

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