Tuesday, November 3, 2009

a wife....?

I have sort of had the past two days off. On Mondays I typically have class from 8:00-10:00am and then again at 3:00. I usually work during that time and study too. But this week because we had a test, I was out by 8:30. I went to the gym, ran errands, and came home and worked around the house. I felt like I was finally catching my breath! I also have a break between class & tutoring. During that time I normally go to my room and relax a bit or study, but because I lost the keys, I went to the craft store!

The fun didn't stop there, I normally have to work Wednesdays, but because it was canceled, I can do my fieldwork this Wednesday. Which means I had another free day! I slept in and worked some more around the house....I feel like that's all I've done the past 2 days and there is still so much more that needs to be done! Which is why I am thinking I need....a wife?

My mom sort of gave me the "ok" on transforming the office space into a crafting/reading nook. Here are some ideas I liked.

I love the pieces hanging from the top....I want to hang or pin up inspiration on the walls.

I am most likely going to put a table like this in the room.

I really like the crisp, clean, simple design of this room - it seems to put together both the reading nook as well as craft space.

The room is pretty small...It will need a new desk and some shelves to hold the supplies, as well as some sort of storage underneath the desk...I can't wait for my mom to get back so we can start with this!

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