Monday, November 9, 2009

burnt out.

I have hit a wall. I am exhausted. I am tired of everything...I'm tired of school, work, tutoring...etc... Earlier today I was yearning for my PUC days. I think the reason why I have become so tired is because everything in my life is so routine...or at least planned. Nothing seems to be spontaneous anymore, but there seems to be no room for spontaneity - my days are filled to the brim...It seems a little ridiculous to "plan" spontaneity in. And then when I think of what happened this weekend - my brother spontaneously surprising me - I wonder if that is really my problem at all... What I do know is - I want out of Loma Linda as soon as possible!

Wouldn't this be nice:

Big Sur...hopefully I get there sooner than Spring Break. I think a trip up the 101 would be fabulous.

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