Sunday, January 8, 2012


This morning I read Romans 8-17 and it spoke straight into my heart.  Had to share.  I'm just recapping in my own words.

Paul starts off by saying, If your sinful nature controls you, it will will control you mind, producing negativity, but if the Holy Spirit controls your spirit, than it produces things pleasing to God.  He continues to contrast the two in more depth.  The spirit controlled by the Holy Spirit is light and peaceful, but the spirit controlled by the sinful nature is one of hostility, muck, & general negativity, a heavy blanket.  Then Paul says - but wait! Don't Forget!! You ARE controlled by the Holy Spirit!  Remember, God lives in YOU!  Your spirit is ALIVE!  You don't have to live in the muck, You are FREE!  Don't live like a fearful slave.  Remember who you are - you are a child of God.  He wants you to start living like one - to share in His joy, to live the good life.  This doesn't mean life is easy, but it is indeed good.

This passage just breathed fresh air into my soul.  Lately I have had experiences that I am not proud of.   It is so easy to focus on my failings, my shortcomings, to get bogged down, to wear that heavy blanket.  I think that's one of Satan's tricks, to make the negative so pervasive and  If we only focus on our shortcomings and the negative, we lose sight of who God is, who we are, and who He has called us to be and the incredible beauty of that entire dynamic.

As I read this passage, I felt like God had pulled away my blinders, allowing me to see the periphery.  Into my soul I heard, "This.  This is who you are because of Me.  So go.  Live. Drink Deeply. & Love Freely."

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