Sunday, November 14, 2010


This weekend has been a roller coaster to say the least...

-NO parents showing up to parent openhouse Friday night...
-Mothers who were downright nasty in their complaints when they had actually come to help
-Ended up not being able to "zoo" on Saturday

-I had 6 kiddos and 1 dad show up to work at our church's thrift shop & the kids LOVED it!
-One incredible mother is going to bring an entire crew to next week's First Serve event!
-an early Thanksgiving dinner and catching up over pumpkin trifle
-My mom & boss backing me up with those mean mothers
-2 community kids who were "first timers" to church having a blast and leaving with a smile on their face
-Pumpkin pancakes for dinner Saturday night
-an evening of painting
-Coffee & "Church" with Samuel & Stephanie this morning in LA!
-A new-to-me FREE surfboard in my garage
-a BEAUTIFUL, clear, warm day

Ok..clearly this weekend was incredible...what was I thinking, trying to complain??

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