Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I will not be posting on this blog as consistently as I was before (...I have slowly been posting less and less as it is!)  I am now working with my church's outreach blog.  

My church has something really awesome going on right now.  We have a thrift shop that helps fund our outreach ministries.  What I love about it is that the money is going right back into the people who shop there.  And, it's becoming this awesome community center.  Homeless people show up and in exchange for work, Burt (the guy in charge) will give them food, clothing/furniture, and even put them up for a night depending on their need and how much time they have put in.  Trust me, it's way cool.

Anyway, I was hearing about some of these awesome stories through Burt's mother-in-law and I asked her how others find out about what's going on & how they can get involved, but she didn't have an answer for me.  So I went to talk to Burt, and long story short - we both believe a blog is the best platform for sharing this info and trying to plug others in.  

So...I am now helping Burt out with Re:Live Thrift's blog...I won't be writing every post, but I will be trying to organize consistent posting, researching other outreach opportunities in the area, and coming up with some "just fun" posts like crazy things you can find in the shop, or best outfit contests...Maybe even some giveaways too, because that seems to be the thing to do on blogs...

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Also...a bit ironic that my "Good Bye" post is also my "100th" post!

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