Tuesday, March 30, 2010


My apologies, this is bound to be a very long post.

I belong to an online community of others wanting to make the world a more beautiful place.  Every morning a daily challenge is sent out to the members.  This morning’s was to write a list of 25 passions and live accordingly.

passion – an intense desire or enthusiasm for something; an uncontrollable emotion

1) Loving God – sometimes it isn’t my greatest passion, but I find when it is, I truly am happiest…there’s a peace that passes understanding.

2) Loving Others –  Although I am more on the introverted side, I really do love people, making new relationships, connecting with others, playing with children, …this really probably is my greatest passion, but I find it so much easier/have so much more love when I am focused on loving God.

3) Beauty in the simple things – Every day I try to find at least one thing beautiful around me whether it is the birds singing in the morning (I LOVE SPRING!) or flowers on the side of the freeway to witnessing a small act of kindness…I believe it keeps me human, it keeps my heart open.

4) Wisdom – I am passionate about finding wisdom in nature, in words, in people, in experiences…

5) Music – I am passionate about music.  Although I am really not musical, I am surrounded by it, I love listening to it, learning more about it, and especially experiencing it live.

6) Baseball – I have an intense enthusiasm for it…especially the San Francisco Giants….especially Tim Lincecum

7) Books – I LOVE books, I love that it is such a personal experience and a book can be so different for everyone.  I love the feeling after a good book when you realize how much you have grown for having read it…or the feeling that you just made some really great lifelong friends…(if you never have had that feeling – The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Society is a MUST)

8) Food – I am passionate about good food. I love eating it, I love making it, I love watching it being made, I love talking about it, I love reading about it…yes, I think that means I am passionate about it.

9) Adventure – I love to travel and experience new cultures….It doesn’t have to be exotic, but I love to explore new places…even if it’s exploring new coffee shops and boutiques in my own neighborhood or hiking a new trail somewhere nearby

10) Spontaneity – I LOVE having freedom to do what I want, when I want.  It keeps me sane to do the unexpected…I am not much a fan of routine…

Coming up with a list of 25 Passions was really difficult for me, because I realized so many fall within my first two of Loving God & Loving Others.  I am passionate about building relationships, working with children and helping them realize their potential, and nurturing their innocence…I am passionate about falling more in love with Jesus, seeing Him in the world around me, learning just really how truly Great He is…and how Grace is so much bigger, better than I could ever imagine.  I am passionate about sharing that with others just by simply loving them…I am passionate about this life I live.  I am excited to see what happens next.


  1. Caiti, you make me smile. God bless you.

  2. you are a beautiful person. I could not be more thrilled to run across your blog!