Tuesday, February 2, 2010


It's a problem belonging to so many blogs.  Luckily, the fashion/design blogs aren't a problem simply because I don't have the money.  The problem lies in the food blogs.  Lately I have obsessed over the recipes.  I just want to try ALL of them from the African Peanut Stew to the Channa Masala to the Cocoa Brownies.  It seems that is all I can think about is, "when I can have a chance to turn on the oven, or heat up the stove?  How will I adapt the recipe to be my own?"  Instead of thinking of what significance p-values and t-distributions have (statistics midterm Thursday), I have been thinking about what flavors I can add to spice up winter greens, or how to lighten up these sweet desserts.  To motivate myself to study, I planned on spending all of Thursday night baking.  But tonight, I completely caved.  I forgot about the textbooks, the stress of work, and cranked up the oven (and the music).  I finished dipping the last of the truffles and tried out SK's cocoa brownies.  (My goal for the month of February is to become a better bake.)  I don't know if I feel any less stressed, but I will definitely have something sweet to share with my friends tomorrow.

If only statistics was as much fun as my kitchen.


  1. I LOVE CHANNA. seriously my favorite indian food of all time! especially with naan or puri. yum yum yum. I can never make it the right consistency though!!!

    Good luck on your baking adventures, my dear! I am sure you will soar!

  2. Here Here. Finally, I made myself get back into the kitchen last night. It's sometimes hard setting time aside for cooking- I especially hate cleaning up dough mess- but I knocked out some pizza and a loaf of bread last night all while doing the laundry. It was a tough night after the 9to5, but it paid off. Not because the food was any good but because I got back into it. Please share the truffles on your blog! photos please. Happy Baking