Sunday, January 24, 2010

Call me Ruth...

This past week's Sabbath school lesson was one of my best.  I had quite a few illustrations which were all relevant, and my questions were not only relevant but thought provoking too...I could see on my kids' faces that it was sinking in.  But, as I was driving home, I thought of some other cool visual things I could have done to really drive home the point.  I thought, "if only I had more time."

So to give myself more time, I opened up the quarterly tonight to see what this week's topic was and began grasping the "power point".  This upcoming lesson is about how God's love is continually drawing us to Him.  It's actually a really neat twist - it talks about how Ruth was drawn to God through her respect and love for Naomi.  As I was brainstorming illustrations and games we could do, it hit me. I am Ruth.  I recently made a new friend who is not like anybody I have ever met before.  This person is a true follower of Christ, and yet so human.  I'm not quite sure how to convey what I am trying to say.  Anyways, after spending time with this person, I find myself wanting to have a deeper relationship with God.

Tonight was definitely a humbling experience.  I wonder if this lesson is more important for me or these kids?

I am still in awe of how God works and thankful that He still uses "Naomis".

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