Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"Blessed are the Peacemakers"

This past week in my Sabbath School class, we talked about loving our enemies.  During our Bible Study, we found it mentioned in several places and figured Jesus was serious about this and maybe we should become serious too.  We asked the questions, "Who are our enemies?" and "What does it mean to love our enemies?".  Our group came to the conclusion that our enemy is anyone we are having conflict with.  Enemies could be our best friends who we just aren't seeing eye-to-eye with, our siblings or parents, or the mean kids at school.  In our discussion, we talked about unconditional forgiveness, going the extra mile, being kind when we don't feel like it, treating everyone with respect, just basically living in love.

At the end of our discussion, we dreamed of what the world would look like if everyone loved their enemies.  This world would look NOTHING like how it does now.  I then challenged the girls in my group to try loving their enemies this week & see if there was a small change in their world.  Jessica, one of the sweetest, most sincere girls in my class suggested that we put reminders up on our mirrors.  I told the girls I would take the challenge too.  I made a sticky for my desktop.  It sounded easy enough...

It's only Tuesday afternoon and I can't believe how many times I have failed at this challenge! I don't know how many times I have snapped at my mom and brother. I guess the good thing about this challenge is I realize how much "violence" is in my life. 

Yesterday afternoon I was hanging out with Tyler, and he was channel surfing and landed on "The Ellen Show".  She was interviewing Deepak Chopra, the spiritual guru.  (It was a re-run) He was talking about a goal he has to have 100 million people take a vow of peace.  He wants 100 million people to pledge to have peaceful thoughts, words, and actions.  Because if there are 100 million people working to live at peace with one another, than the world will be just that more peaceful.   

It's kind of interesting how I took that pledge for just this week and realized how difficult it is for me to live in peace & love.  I have always considered myself, "a good person", and I'm starting to realize, I am really just as "violent" as anyone...I might not act on my thoughts at all times, but I definitely have a ways to go.  I'm kind of embarrassed that I call myself a Christian and I lose my cool and act very un-Christian-like all too often.  I definitely need to pray for help on this one.  Hopefully as the week goes on it will become easier.

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